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The St. Catherine parish and school continues to thrive because of countless hours of time and money generously donated by parishioners, alumni, families, and business supporters. It is these donations and the funds raised at our large events, that allow St. Catherine's to provide scholarships for students and complete much needed school improvements. 

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Recent Improvements

The following are recent improvements made possible through the generosity of donors:
  • New LED lighting for the gym
  • New scoreboard
  • New safety pads in the gym
  • Two new drinking fountains
  • Sinks and running water in the concession stand and art room
  • Installation of preschool playground equipment
  • New front steps
  • Air conditioning in three classrooms
  • New windows in the computer lab
  • Security bars on the ground-floor windows
  • New floors in the main hallways
The goal of Catholic educators is to ensure our students have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, but we are also committed to providing the very best academic support possible.  For our students to succeed in school and after graduation, it is imperative we continue to improve the facility and provide educational materials that contribute to student learning on a daily basis.  Your donation helps make this possible at St. Catherine School.

The St. Catherine community sincerely values your friendship and support.  Thank you in advance for your donation.

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